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  • Info : Monsters Road: Global Revolution is an action, adventure, point and click and strategy rpg video game. It is the third game of the series of the same name, created by Alhavera Studios. This game is very different from the other two games in the series both in terms of genres and story.
  • Story : The action of the game takes place in 2009, in a space not very well defined. The game begins on a night when Tommy has a nightmare. In that nightmare, he is surrounded by four monsters, including Skeleton, who haunted him since the hotel investigation (the first game). Skeleton told him he had kidnapped his family and would only release them if Tommy agreed to be a monster. He refuses and prefers to fight them. In the morning, he learns that a large part of the global population has become monsters due to a substance, which, injected into a person, turns it into a monster. His family was not at home, but at the King's Castle. Thus, Tommy is on his way to the king and his family. On the way, he meets Velma, a girl who pretended to be injected to learn more about enemies. She and Tommy have a common interest: to kill the monsters that invaded the world. Long ago, Velma had children who were kidnapped and killed, and she wants to take revenge using her knowledge. The two form a team and fight together. When the situation seemed to become more and more difficult, they met Bianca, a young witch who could not cope alone with her enemies. So Tommy also accepts her as a team and all three go ahead. They tour together Flood Kingdom, Modern kingdom, Sky Kingdom and Hell Kingdom (where the king is). The end cannot be said here. Play to see!


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Sep 11, 2019

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