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Details: Monsters Road: Bad Kids House is the second horror game in the series. The game was originally created by CFFS, which after a replace became Alhavera! The protagonist of the game is Tommy Griffin, and the action takes place one year after the hotel investigation, that is, in 2008. The story of the game is one of the most frightening!

Story: In 2008, the owner of a house near the hotel was the victim of paranormal evil phenomena. He is also the one who heard strange sound coming from that hotel, even in the evening when the reporter was declared missing! Since then, the owner has faced evil things in his home, which threatened him with death! Because he could not bear the nightmare he was living in, he sold the house and soon found buyers. A year later, in 2008, a family moved to that house. They said the atmosphere was very strange and oppressive, and at night there were strange sounds in the house. A few months later the children told their parents that in their room at night they saw a human skeleton that seemed alive! He told them that if they did not leave the house they would be killed! Parents have not taken this story into account, believing that everything is happening in children's imagination. A few nights later, parents saw that what the children were saying was real! The skeleton told the parents that it is too late to leave! In the morning, the children disappeared without a trace from the house! Their father went to the police, but nothing was done! He was thinking about making his story public, but he needed evidence to show the audience that what he was saying was real! So one day when he was reading the newspaper, he found an announcement of Tommy Griffin's investigative services. The father of the children asked Tommy to get evidence that the skeleton really existed. So Tommy is thinking about filming the nights! In the latest investigation, Tommy took the video to the father of the children and he noticed that there were four other entities in the house. It was his children! He comes to the conclusion that Skeleton has murdered his children who are haunting that house!

Release date Jul 24, 2019
AuthorAlhavera Studios
Made withClickteam Fusion
TagsFangame, First-Person, fnaf, Horror, Monsters
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

Is very simple! Just download the archive, extract the game folder, find .exe file and run it! If you want, you can create a shortcut on desktop! Have fun!


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Monsters Road - Bad Kids House v3.rar 82 MB